Hi. I'm Stephanie & I help people #ChaseLife through whatever I can do to show up and offer hope.


About Me

When tragedy struck my family. I found myself at a standstill unable to continue with the career path that I had been living. I sought out purpose in the pain, a way to use my testimony to help others (post-traumatic growth, if you will.) So, when I examined my life thus far, I found that the main vein in through all of the many hats I've worn has been advocacy. I have an innate passion to help people and organizations with a calling on their hearts, reach the masses with their mission. To help everyone live in the way my miracle son did, to help others and myself #ChaseLife

I have segmented this mission into three main areas:

Wellness - Holistic Remedies Education (herbal, nutrition and essential oils), Chemical-Free Home Coach, Emotional Release/Trauma Healing Coach, Life Coach, Vision Board Workshops, Bullet Journal Workshops, Affirmation Writing Workshops, Crystal Therapy Advocate, Faith-Based Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. Learn more here.

Connections - Association Media Sales & Event Management, Business Consulting, Non-profit marketing support via branding, graphic design, website creation, email marketing, strategy, etc.

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Ministry - Animal Rescue, Special Needs Advocate, Gospel Sharer and Arts Supporter. Learn more here.

I would be honored to show up and serve in however I can help. Let's do life together!



I have worked with Stephanie on many projects throughout the community that have called upon her marketing skills. She is a master of print, internet, social media and radio marketing. I have learned an incredible amount from her about each one of them individually as well as how they relate to each other. She injects a fresh, lively style into her marketing campaigns that makes people not only read further, but also makes them want to engage, which is crucial in the marketing world. Stephanie is my ‘go to’ for questions and ideas.
— Sandy King, President/CEO Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce
Working with Stephanie was a dream! She helped build and design my website and from the very beginning, she listened with such intent, asked questions and really took the time to understand the vision I had not only for my website, but my brand too. She is an amazing resource to help bring cohesiveness to your brand vision and website. She was so patient in working to get everything together, constantly asking for my input on things I liked or didn’t like and really involved me in the process, which was so nice. Stephanie also took the time to train me extensively on how to make changes to my site on my own, add things and create certain images and visuals. As a business owner herself, she truly believes in empowering you to be able to do these things for your business and I agree that it is a very valuable thing to know that she helps with along with the website design! Anytime I ever had questions, concerns or needed help with something, she always answered me so quickly and was (and still is!) always so willing to help. I couldn’t recommend Stephanie enough- I truly feel so grateful I am able to work with her because she has helped me add so many valuable skills to bring to my business! I promise you will not be disappointed working with her and she will truly help make your website amazing!
— Lauren D'Ambra Travel
Stephanie’s business coaching has impacted my life so positively and so quickly! Her fast and easy to understand style exactly what I needed for my small business that I am trying to get going while working a full-time job as well. Her skills blow me away! This is why I love her….she stays on top of things! Normally I would lose track of great brainstorming ideas, but with her she builds upon your ideas and helps them truly come to life, by staying on a timeline. Little by little…my dreams are starting to come to life because she has system in place to keep things moving in a timely manner. She is: task oriented, keeps things moving forward, motivating, positive, creative, timely, Christian, sweet and soooo much more, plus….her story will literally blow you away if you are lucky enough to hear all of it! Whoa!

She has helped me: form consistent branding, know when and how to post to social media, given me ideas for building awareness and bringing in new customers, taught me how to work with others to enhance my tools and offerings, social media set up, decipher which marketing campaigns to move forward with, how to get more bang for you buck, set up gatherings, decorate my space to attract others and soooooooo much more! That just in 3 weeks too! I cannot wait for what is next!

My suggestion to you IF your on the fence….at least schedule a 30-60 minute consultation, hear her out and move forward with the business coaching plan that fits your unique needs! I love that she customizes everything specifically for you!
— Natalie Whitaker, Fitness Instructor at www.fitwithnat.com
Steph was amazing and super fast when I came to her with an idea for a logo. I was just launching my facebook page and needed a logo for the pic and business cards. She sent me samples and we had one set that day!
— Keri Bickerstaff, Lead Baker at Sugar Hi
Stephanie took over my website for me a bit ago and has been amazing to work with!! She made so many small changes that made the website just pop! It’s so much easier to navigate and more simple yet perfect! She has great ideas that she does on her own and just does a phenomenal job!
— Brooke Caldwell, Owner at Vogue Salon & Spa
I was lost for days on how to get my blog up & running. I was so blessed to have Stephanie step in & help me not only create my blog, but also design my logo and color schemes and make it all make sense. Stephanie puts her heart into everything that she does & it shows. Thank you, Stephanie for all of your help & support!
— Jennie Lucky, Blogger www.theluckychick.com

Speaking of all the many hats I wear...